Anthony’s Kitchen @ Papa Feliz’

Anthony’s Kitchen is proud to present the launch of ‘Anthony’s Kitchen @ Papa Feliz’. This new venture offers the chance for students to take a deeper look into Western cookery and explore the joy of cooking with fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, cooked and served in the newly designed cafe, Papa Feliz. This bright and spacious cafe, offers students a chance to relax and unwind whilst enjoying cooking up a delicious lunch, learning new recipes and meeting new people. Our hope for you, is that this cooking course,  will ignite a passion for cookery that you can both enjoy for yourself, and also treat others to in the comfort of your own home.

Anthony’s Kitchen @ Papa Feliz’ is available every Wednesday morning from 09:30 ~ 12:30 @ the newly purpose built Papa Feliz. The price per lesson is 3000 yen, which includes a recipe folder, the ingredients, the lesson and of course the lunch after. For bookings, please click here.

Happy Cooking.

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